Ethan Hawke Is at Target. I’ll Text You Later.


Everybody has a list. You know, the list of celebrities you’ve run by your spouse in case the opportunity arises to, say, eat at McDonald’s with Hugh Jackman, it’s completely allowed? Or if your spouse ever has a chance to go bowling with Zoe Saldana, it’s kosher? Except for you that just shook your head and thought, “No, I […]

You Can’t See Me


When you’re a little person, hiding under something and being unable to see anyone means that no one can see you either. Obviously.
This also holds true for hiding pets, ostriches, and husbands who don’t want to take out the trash. Also. Employees who find giant boxes in the copy room. (It was once, okay?! And I thought I would fit.)

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Your Top Ten List


And just so you know, I don’t use the word “hate” lightly. I reserve it for seriously detestable things. Like those people on the news channels who yell over each other. And commercials that are 47 times louder than the show they interrupted. And black jelly beans.

Preschool Nonsense


When Max was three and Mr. Schmee was two they went to preschool at a nearby church. They had a huge education department that went all the way through high school and Super Awesome Husband and I were impressed with the tour. Unfortunately, our kids act like me. Upon arrival for pickup one day, a […]

The One With Tornadoes


Last night at bedtime, with concern for our family in our neighboring state and a memory of the Boston Marathon, 8 year old Tomboy Princess mourned the recent passing of a good friend of ours. It was the closest, most accessible way for her to grieve amid the emotional turmoil caused by the news coming out […]

Your Pep Talk – No Complain Mondays

Blue And Yellow Sunrise

Hey you.  Yeah, you – hey! Look at me when I’m writing to you! First of all – you’ve got this. Okay?  Nope. I don’t want to hear “But”.  You always have this great big “But”. Not going to let you use your big “But” today. In fact, you just back that big “But” right […]